Don't miss our Limited Edition Wine Tastings!

Are you interested in making your own wine?  Winexpert's Limited Edition wine series is a great place to start making great wine.   Wine kits are easy to make because the wine kits are sugar balanced, acid balanced, and include all ingredients you need other than a few gallons of water.
The Limited Edition series of wine kits are easy to make, yield approximately 30 bottles of wine, and are ready to drink in under a year for the red wines, and under 6 months for the white wines.   If you have never made a wine kit, its time to give it a try!
The Limited Edition program works like this:  Winexpert releases 2 of these wine kits to stores in January, one in February, one in March, and the last one in April.  You need to Pre-Order the wine kits you wish to make with us by Monday, December 4th.  When the wine kits arrive here at the store, we put your name on your wine kits, and give you a call notifying you it is available for you to come pick up.  You do not pay for the wine kit until the day you pick it up. 
A great way to decide which wines you want to make, is to attend one of our wine tastings here at the store.   We will hold this same event on 3 consecutive Saturday nights:
November 18th
November 25th
December 2nd. 
The doors open at 5:30, the event starts at 6:00 pm and lasts about 90 minutes.  We limit the number of tickets to 32 each night, to ensure a nice, intimate event.

Each night we will present all 5 of the Winexpert Limited Edition 2017 wine kits, and give you a commercial sample of what that wine is like to taste, along with pairing the wine with small food bites that help to showcase each of the 5 wines.
Like previous years, we will have "table and chair" seating, so you have some place to set your wine glass, food bites, and papers while we are doing the presentation.   This is a great place to immerse yourself into these 5 wines, and choose which ones you want to ferment when they are released. 
Please note that these food portions are small, and should not be used to replace your normal evening meal, but to enhance the wines you are tasting.   


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