Intro to Micro Distilling Class - New Venue!

Are you interested in opening or working in a Micro Distillery, or just learning more about the distilling process?  
We are partnering with Quartz Mountain Distillers in Vancouver (4601 NE 78th St,  Suite 210) to provide this 2 day class.   The first day will be in our Theatre room, which is perfect for a show and tell academic setting.  Day 2 will be at Quartz Mountain Distillers.
Our first class with Quartz Mountain Distillers will be sometime in March - April of 2020, as they plan on opening their doors sometime in late February.   If you are interested in this class give us a call or Steve an email to be put on the list to be contacted when we have scheduled the first class.
Day one starts at 10:00 am and goes until approximately 3 pm.  (With an lunch break around noon.)
Day two starts at 12:00 pm and goes to approximately 3 pm.
This class is designed to give you the basic information of distillery operation, from the small 6 gallon test batch, to a full multi hundred gallon batch.

This is a 2 day class, with the 1st day at Bader Beer & Wine Supply being the “Academic theory” day.  Topics discussed will be types of washes and how they work, yeast and grain use, types of Condensers and their use, distilling techniques, how to make cuts, filtering, oak aging for brown distillate, and bottling. 

Day #2 is at Quartz Mountain Distillers in Vancouver.  Quartz Mountain Distillers will be running their commercial unit and explain how it works.  We will also run a small 5 gallon batch at Quartz Mountain Distillers, allowing the students to see a run from the heads to the tails.  Cuts will be taken in the run for you to compare the first runnings to the last runnigs. 

Class minimum: 8 students, Class Maximum 18 students.  The first day of class is held at Bader Beer & Wine Supply, 711 Grand Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98661
Registration Information
Class fee is $150 per person.
Class size is 8 minimum, with a maximum of 18 due to space limitations at Quartz Mountain Distillers.  We highly recommend pre-registration for all classes, to ensure your space in the class, and to ensure minimum class size. If minimum class size is not registered (and class fee paid) 3 days prior to class, we will notify you of cancellation.   Class fees are refundable if we cancel class. If you miss class, we can apply the fee to a future class, but the fee is not refundable.