Learn to make Kombucha at our next class!

We are excited to welcome Summer Abbott of Oregon Kombucha, a pioneer in the world of homemade Kombucha as our instructor!   

This 2 hour class will run through the nuts and bolts of brewing Kombucha, and you will learn how to identify the correct flavor.  Summer will answer any questions about the brewing process, and alleviate any fears you may have.  She will go through the steps of blending home made kombucha with fresh fruits, juices, and herbs, and you will take home some of your own blends.   Check our calendar for class dates, we have a number of the scheduled!  

Class fee is $40.  Students will recieve a $5 coupon good toward the purchase of an Oregon Kombucha starter ingredient kit that includes the SCOBY, tea and instructions, or a $10 coupon good toward the purchase of a Kombucha equipment kit that includes one of the Oregon Kombucha starter ingredient kits.

About Summer Abbott:
Summer has been Managing director of Oregon Kombucha for nearly ten years, and has been answering home Kombucha brewers questions regularly for almost a decade. She packaged and sold the world's very first Kombucha Starter Kit in 2009, and of course she spent her first year selling it at the Portland Farmer's Market. Under her direction, Oregon Kombucha produces kegs of custom crafted kombucha, for those businesses looking for something better than grocery store kombucha. She plans to spend this Winter experimenting with recipes using her Winter CSA box from Full Plate Farm, tickling her daughter, and learning about the difference between Kombucha and Jun.


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