Replicator November 2002-Winter Palace Wee Heavy & Midas Touch

November 2002 Winter Palace Wee Heavy & Midas Touch   Dear Replicator, This request is like the worst kind of emergency, A BEER emergency!   My wife and I have been enjoying microbrewery beer for a number of years, and began home brewing around 1 year ago.  Several months ago, we got a sampler of Paper City Breweries Winter Palace Wee Heavy ( Holyoke, MASS), and my wife fell in love with it.  I've tried a number of wee heavy recipes, but can't seem to get close to this.  To supplement our own beer, and to keep the wife happier, I've been having to bring in a case or two per month, CAN YOU HELP WITH THIS EMERGENCY??? John Combs Haughton, LA.     John,             The Replicator to the rescue!   Able to leap tall fermenters, sanitize all the bad guys into submission.   Wait that must be another superhero.