Single Gauge Regulator - Taprite T741HP


This TapRite model T741HP is their High Performance regulator, with a convenient large adjustment knob, so you never need to find a screwdriver to adjust the Co2 pressure.


We fit this regulator with a 5/16" barbed shut off with check valve, so that you can quickly turn the Co2 flow off.   The lack of a second (high pressure) gauge is an advantage in a tight fridge.   The second gauge is of limited use, since that measures the amount of Co2 pressure in your Co2 tank, not the volume of Co2 in the tank.  If you store your Co2 tank in the fridge, as most home users do, the second gauge routinely says that you should refill your tank, even when the tank is nearly full, due to Co2 pressures being signifincantly lower in 40 degree fridges.   Made in the USA.   You will love this Regulator!