Economy pH Meter - - 0-14 pH Range


FERMENTING MADE EASY: Perfect for brewing kombucha, beer, wine, and mead. Our digital ph meter will not only help you make sure the quality of your water is perfect, it will also make sure the pH of your mash is correct and that your kombucha is on the correct fermentation path. If your kombucha or mash's pH is off, you will be able to fix it quickly so you don't ruin your batch.

FAST AND ACCURATE: No need to disposable pH testing strips. Our Digital pH Meter will give you an accurate value on an LCD screen display quickly. Extremely lightweight, just remove from carrying case, remove protective cap, press the "ON/OFF" button and immerse into your favorite brew or fermentation. While digital ph meter are accurate, they do need to be calibrated periodically to obtain maximum accuracy.

WIDE USE: Pocket sized pH Meter is ideal for the home. Ideal use to testing of water, swimming pools, aquarium, as well as fermenting beer, wine, kombucha and mead. Comes in a sturdy case, so you won't damage the meter while carrying it around.

AUTO CALIBRATION: Digital ph meter has the function of automatic calibration, which can be adjusted according to hydrological and water quality conditions. After starting up, long press "CAL" to obtain calibration and automatic identification.Obtain measurements quickly while ensuring accurate PH readings. All digital ph meter should be calibrated periodically, and you can do this by using the buffer powder to calibrate the pH tester.

AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL: No need to worry about the temperature of testing liquid being room temperature, as the pH meter has built in (ATC) automatic temperature compensation that it can accurately determine pH value of the sample at any temperature in a range of 0°C - 80°C (32°F - 176°F).