Whiskey Profile Kit


Still Spirits have developed the Premium Whiskey Profile Kit in response to
so many home distillers who wanted to truly hand craft their own

The Profile Kit provides all the flavor notes that make up a Whiskey and
the home distiller can adjust the flavor profile to exactly their own
taste. Flavors like peat, oak, sherry, grain and fruity esters are
just some of the notes that you can experiment with. The Profile Kit
contains all the measuring equipment required for accurate dosing.

The Whiskey Profile Kit Recipe Book is included with a wide range of
premium Whiskey recipes to appeal to a wide range of connoisseurs and
features approximate formulations of famous brands. Alternately
advanced users may like to design their own Whiskey to taste and the
recipe book contains a full description of the attributes of each of
the flavor notes to assist you with your design.