Motorized Stemmer/Crusher - All Stainless Steel


This crusher is designed to process your grapes for optimum body And flavor. The rollers are set the proper distance apart for crushing the grapes with just the right amount of force. The grapes go through the crusher then fall into the destemmer portion where over 90% of the stems are removed automatically. The pulp comes out the bottom and the stems come out the side. Simple to use: The Crusher & Destemmer will process 3,300 pounds of grapes per hour.

Here is a youtube video of it in action:

How the destemmer works: The grape clusters are sent through the rollers by rotating paddles within the hopper. The crushed clusters then fall into an elongated trough. The trough has perforated holes that allow the pulp to go through but not the stems. Inside the trough is a series of paddles that spin at a high rate of speed. These paddles slap the pulp through the holes, while at the same time, auger the stems out the end of the trough.

Why Crushing and Destemming is Important: Proper crushing and destemming is an important step to making stellar wines from fresh grapes. Over-crush your grapes and the wine could end up excessively laced with bitter tannins. Under-crush your grapes and you could be wasting flavor. Likewise, failure to sufficiently destem your grapes can also lead to excessive tannins and a bitter outcome.