Winexpert Apres Dessert Wines - Limited Release

Back for 2019 - Winexpert has offered via Pre-order the 3 gallon Chocolate Raspberry Dessert (port) style wine, with the ordering deadline of Friday, November 22nd 10:00 AM pacific.   We did not think this wine would be

offered this year, we are happily surprised it is available again!  We expect this wine kit to arrive in mid to late December.


The Winexpert Seasonal Release Dessert Wine kits: Apres Sour Cherry Dessert and Apres Late Harvest Riesling are available only via pre-order.   These Wine Kits all make 3 gallons of wine.

Place your pre-order with us by 10:00 AM , Thursday, November 21st, 2019.   We do NOT require payment until you pick up the wine kits.  You can order the kits online or in our store.  Send an email to with the quantity of each Dessert Seasonal Release wine that you want.  Orders placed for shipment will be charged at the time of the pre-order, as we do not have access to credit card numbers for more than 30 days.  These orders will be shipped when the kits arrive.

Kits will be available to pick up late December, we will contact you at that time.