Resilience IPA - Disaster Relief for Paridise California Wildfires - $2240 Donated!

The Camp Fire–the most devastating wildfire in California’s history–has hit close to home for Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. While the Chico brewery was spared, many of Sierra Nevada’s employees, patrons and neighbors lost everything as the Camp Fire ravaged northern Californian.

To help raise much needed support for the recovery efforts, Sierra Nevada has created a beer called Resilience IPA. Sierra Nevada, along with many of its professional brewing peers, will be brewing and selling Resilience IPA with all proceeds donated to the Sierra Nevada Camp Fire Relief Fund through Golden Valley Community Bank Foundation.

It is our hope that homebrewers will make a batch of Resilience IPA in solidarity with Sierra Nevada and pro breweries across the country.  While homebrewers can’t sell thier beer and donate the proceeds, Bader Beer & Wine can sell you these ingredients and donate the proceeds to help the cause.    As of 12/12/2018,  We will donate to the Golden Valley Community Bank Foundation, 100% of the retail price of each 5 gallon batch of ingredients of the Resiliance IPA purchased from us by December 31st, 2018.  A big THANK YOU to our suppliers, Brewcraft USA (subsidiary of Great Western Malting) for donating the malt, malt extract, and hops for this beer, and to Imperial Organic yeast donating the yeast for this project!  That will average about $44 per batch of beer purchased!  As of 12/12/2018 we are up to $720 raised!

Final Results:  Homebrewers Purchased 57 different 5 gallon recipes to make this beer.   On January 2nd we mailed a check to the Distaster Relief fund of $2240 as our donation!  Thank you to Brewcraft USA and Imperial Organic yeast for donating the ingredients that we sold to these homebrewers, and ultimately donated.

Click here to order the Resilience IPA Extract Recipe.

Click here to order the Resilience IPA All Grain Recipe

Also, please consider donating to the Golden Valley Community Bank Foundation if you are able.



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