November 2005 - Sand Creek Brewing Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

Dear Replicator, I have fallen in love with Sand Creek Brewing Company’s Oscar’s Chocolate Oatmeal Stout . The first time I had it was New Years eve this year at a small supper club . I have since found the brew at a local Liquor store, but it doesn't seem as fresh as the brew I had at the supper club . I then had it again at a local brewfest and was again blown away . Now I can't find it at my liquor store anymore, I would love to be able to reproduce this on my own . Can you please help with an extract version? Thank you much, Jason, Wisconsin Jason, Chocolate Oatmeal Stout? This sounds like it could be a cookie or a beer! It is a Gold Medal winner in the 2000 World Beer Cup, and Sand Creek Brewing Company’s best selling beer. This is a beer that is perfect for homebrewing, since it was inspired by a homebrewer. The original recipe had ingredients like chocolate syrup, powdered chocolate, etc. Todd Krueger, who is head brewer at Sand Creek Brewing ( Black River Falls, Wisconsin) , told me that they used that original homebrew recipe as a starting point for Oscar’s Chocolate Oatmeal Stout, and then adapted it to be a beer that they could brew commercially in 20 barrel batches. While they don’t use chocolate in the existing recipe, the malts and sweetness still hints of chocolate. Todd was a homebrewer for 10 years before taking the Siebel short course and starting his brewing career. Todd described Oscar’s Chocolate Oatmeal Stout as a beer with a well rounded roasted flavor from the roasted barley and chocolate malt. The oatmeal helps to smooth out the beer, and makes you start looking for your second pint before you are halfway done with your first pint! Todd uses a (low attenuation) yeast which does not ferment as much of the malt sugars as other strains, and shoots for a relatively high ending gravity of 1.020, retaining some sweetness to help give the chocolate flavor in this beer. While I normally suggest that you always aerate your beer prior to pitching the yeast (to get the maximum sugar fermentation in your beer) with this beer I would suggest that you do not aerate to get a higher than normal ending gravity. Invite a friend over to help brew this beer, have fun with it, it’s your responsibility as a homebrewer! And be sure to have a few beers from your last Replicator recipe on hand for inspiration. For more information you can visit the Sand Creek Brewing web site at: or by calling (715 ) 284-7553. Sand Creek Brewing Company “Oscar’s Chocolate Oatmeal Stout” 5 US. Gallons (19 L), extract with grains OG=1.056 FG=1.020 IBU’S = 30 SRM= 20 Alcohol 4.75% by volume Ingredients 6.6 Lbs. (3.0 kg) Briess Light Unhopped malt extract syrup 1.0 Lbs. (453 g.) Briess 10L Munich Malt 1.0 Lbs. (453 g.) Briess Wheat Malt 4.0 oz. (113 g. ) Briess Roasted Barley Malt 4.0 oz. (113 g. ) Briess Chocolate Malt 10.0 oz. (283 g. ) Briess Flaked Oats 1 teaspoon (5ml.) Irish moss (boil 60 min.) 7.1 AAU Goldings hops (bittering hop, boil 60 min.) (1.50 Oz. (42 g) of 4.75% Alpha acid) 4.75 AAU Goldings hops (Aroma hop, boil 5 min.) (1.0 Oz. (28 g) of 4.75 Alpha acid) Wyeast 1968 London ESB yeast or White Labs WLP002 English ale O.75 cup (180 ml) of corn sugar for priming. Step by step instructions Steep the crushed malts in 3 gallons (13.5 L) of water at 150º (66 ° C.) for 30 minutes. Remove grains from wort, add the malt syrup and bring to a boil. Add the Golding bittering hops and Irish moss and boil for 60 minutes. Add the Golding finishing hops for the last 5 minutes of the boil. Now add the wort to 2 gallons (9 L) of cool water in a sanitary fermenter, and top off with cool water to 5.5 gallons. (25 L) Cool the wort to 75º (24 ° C.), DO NOT aerate (you want a high ending gravity for this beer!) the beer and pitch your yeast. Allow the beer to cool over the next few hours to 68 ° (20 ° C.), and hold at this temperature until the beer has finished fermenting. Then bottle or keg your beer and enjoy!! All grain option: This is a single step infusion mash. Replace the malt syrup with 9.0 Lbs. (4.0 K) of Briess Pale 2-row malt, and mix with the rest of your grains in the extract version. Mash the grains together at 150º (66 C.) for 60 minutes. Collect approximately 7 gallons wort (32 L) to boil for 60 minutes and have a 5.5-gallon yield (25 L). Lower the amount of the Golding hops to 1.25 ounces (35 g) to account for higher extraction ratio of a full boil. The remainder of the recipe is the same as the extract.