Replicator January - February 2004 - Double Eagle Ale

Dear Replicator, I was recently at an end-of-summer deck party where the hosts were serving a party pig of Rockyards Double Eagle Ale (Castle Rock, CO) This was a great, easy drinking beer that I thoroughly enjoyed and was actually surprised to find out that was a wheat based beer. It turns out the next week - this beer also won a Gold Medal at GABF! Since it's a gold medal winner - it may be a tough beer to get a clone recipe for - but I would appreciate any efforts to provide me with an all grain clone recipe. THANKS! Gregg Schuster Arvada , Colorado Gregg, I spoke to Jim Stinson, brew master at Rockyard Brewing about this excellent beer. Jim is a graduate of the Seibel short course on brewing, and has been brewing professionally for over 7 years, after 2 years as a homebrewer. Jim also said he is a frequent reader of Brew Your Own magazine, and said BYO was part of his early brewing educational materials. Jim described Double Eagle Ale as an American Style Wheat beer (which means a beer with at least about 20% wheat in the grain bill, and using a yeast that does not have any of the German wheat yeast flavors that give the banana/clove/phenolic tones). Jim goes on to say that Double Eagle is a balanced beer that has a light to medium body, grainy sweetness from the munich and wheat malts, and a floral aroma with a bit of a crisp citrus finish. Double Eagle ale is a filtered beer, that Rockyard uses isinglass to help clear the beer before filtering it. The wheat malt is only about 30% of the grain bill, which may explain Gregg’s surprise that this was a wheat beer, since many wheat beers are 50 to 60% wheat malt. The Munich malt is used to give a bit of color to the beer. Jim also said this is an excellent beer to use as a base for any fruit beers you might be interested in making. Jim has used this beer for fruit beers and even for a Jalapeno beer! For more information you can visit the RockYard Brewing Company web site at: ( or by calling 303-814-9273 . Rockyard Brewing Company – Double Eagle Ale (5 gallon, extract with grains) OG=1.052 FG=1.014 IBU’S = 25 SRM=6 Alcohol 5.0% by volume Ingredients 3.3 Lbs Briess Wheat Unhopped malt extract syrup 2.0 Lbs Briess Wheat Dry Malt Extract 0.5 Lb. 2-Row pale Malt 0.5 Lb. Munich Malt (10L) 0.5 Lb. Wheat Malt 1 tsp Irish moss for 60 min (boil 60 minutes for clarity) 6.5 AAU Perle hops (boil 60 minutes - bittering hop) (1.0 Oz. of 6.5% Alpha acid) 4.0 AAU Hallertaur hops (aroma/finishing hop) (1.0 Oz. of 4.0% alpha acid) White Labs WLP051 California Ale V yeast or Wyeast 1056 Ringwood Ale yeast O.75 cup of corn sugar for priming. Step by step Steep the 3 crushed grains in 3 gallons of water at 150º for 30 minutes. Remove grains from wort, add malt syrup and dry malt powder and bring to a boil. Add Perle (bittering) hops, Irish moss and boil for 60 minutes. Add the Hallertaur aroma hops for the last 10 minutes of the boil. When done boiling, add wort to 2 gallons cool water in a sanitary fermenter, and top off with cool water to 5.5 gallons. Cool the wort to 80 º , aerate the beer and pitch your yeast. Allow the beer to cool over the next few hours to 68º-70º, and hold at these cooler temperatures until the yeast has fermented completely. Bottle your beer, age for 2-3 weeks and Enjoy! All grain option: This is a 2-step mash. Your grain bill will be 6 lbs. of pale 2-row malt, 3 lbs. of wheat malt, and 0.5 lbs of Munich malt. Mash in your grains at 122º for 30 minutes, and then raise the temperature to 149 for 60 minutes. Collect enough wort to boil for 90 minutes and have a 5.5-gallon yield. Lower the amount of Perle boiling hops to 0.75 oz. to account for higher extraction ratio of a full boil. The remainder of the recipe is the same as the extract.