Replicator March-April 2004-Pilsner

March-April 2004 Pilsner Dear Replicator, Last year my brother moved to Seattle and I visited him this past Fourth of July.   It is nothing short of amazing the number of fantastic beers one can find in the Northwest.   I don't need to tell you that it is a beer snob paradise.   I experimented with funny named beers I had never heard of but took the most delight with the conservative sounding La Conner Pilsner, brewed in nearby La Conner, WA.   On tap or out of the bottle it is incredible.   When I saw La Conner listed at the Great American Beer Fest in Denver this year, I made a beeline to their booth.   NO PILS!   I was almost heartbroken... Can you help a homebrewer clone this fine Czech-style pilsner?   Thank you, Ben Jayne