Replicator November 2003-Winter Ale

November 2003 Winter Ale Dear Replicator,                Please Help! I have tasted one of the best beers ever this past winter, but the beer is hard to find at times. This is the Winter Ale made by Butte Creek out in Chico, California. I've found several types of Butte Creek beers, but this one is the hardest to get your hands on. Since I live in Raleigh, NC, it is a bit of a drive to get over to California to pick up my favorite beer.  I am desperate, so can you please provide a clone?  My taste buds would be very grateful!    Todd French  Raleigh, NC   Todd, Butte Creek Brewery is a 4000-barrel brewery that was founded in 1996.   Winter Ale is a seasonal beer for Butte Creek, which they have brewed since they opened their brewery.    I talked with head brewer Roland Allen, who was a homebrewer for 3 years before working as a brewer at the “other” brewery in Chico