Replicator November 2006

November, 2006 issue By Marc C. Martin       Dear Replicator,             There is a small micro-brewery in Blanco, Texas called Real Ale Brewing Company. It is almost impossible to get a six pack of their excellent brews outside of the Austin/San Antonio area, mainly because it moves off the shelves so fast. I have to drive 1.5 to 2 hours to Houston and hope to get a sixer to bring home. If not there is one tap house in Houston that serves up their regulars, Full Moon Pale Rye pale ale, Brewhouse Brown and their awesome seasonals. The Brewhouse Brown is like a liquid chocolate cake. I have tried my own attempt to clone this silky delight but came up short. Can you help me with this one?             Cheers, Brian DeRouen             Nederland, Texas                 Having lived in Austin, Texas for 3 years I am very familiar with both this brewery and their head brewer. You are right about the popularity of their beers. The stores in Austin are someti