Replicator October 2001-Sam Adams Winter Lager /Old Leghumper Porter

  Replicator October 2001 Sam Adams Winter Lager /Old Leghumper Porter   Dear Replicator, I am (was?) a really big fan of the seasonal Samuel Adams (Dark) Winter Lager beer. They have since pulled it from their rotation and I have yet to find anything commercially available that comes close to it. Having turned to homebrewing for much of my carbonated beverage needs, I would love to know how to make it in order to continue to enjoy it for many years to come! Any help you could give me, if the beer is still remembered at all, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and keep up the great work! Todd E. Alexandria, VA P.S. Thanks for the Goose Island Honkers Ale recipe. It turned out amazing! _____________________________________________________________________________________ Todd, I love the winter seasonal beers also, and they can be a challenge to make. This seasonal beer is available from October to February. I talked to Jim Pericles of the Boston Beer Company about this beer, and how to make it. While Jim “didn’t want to give away the store”, he did fill me in on some tips for making this beer. Sam Adams Winter Lager is a dark Weizenbock style beer. This style is noted for its strong to intense malt character. Bitterness is mild for a beer this big, at the 26 to 30 IBU level. Sam Adams website says that “The wheat malt gives this robust beer a lovely sharpness and a clean, crisp finish.” Jim also says they use a “subtle” amount of spices in this beer, to give a nice holiday spirit. They use (in order of highest quantity used) Curacao Orange peel, fresh ginger (root) and Cinnamon (Saigon variety). You will want to use these sparingly. The idea it to give the beer a hint of these flavors, not to break the fermenter. For yeast Jim said Sam Adams uses a “private” strain, but he did suggest that you use a lager yeast with a malty profile. Sam Adams gives this beer an extended aging period, (I would suggest about 1 month) so you should brew this one today for December drinking! Check out their web site at: Sam Adams Winter Lager (5 gallon, extract with grains) OG = 1.069 FG = 1.016 IBU’s = 26-30 Ingredients (5 gallons, Extract with grains) 6.6 Lbs Briess Malt extract syrup 1.5 Lbs. 60L Crystal Malt 1 Lb Wheat Malt 1.5 Lbs. 20L Munich Malt 9.5 AAU East Kent Golding (boil 60 min.)(2 oz. at 4.75% alpha) 1 teaspoo