Replicator October 2002-Hennepin Belgian ale & Eastside Dark

October 2002 Hennepin Belgian ale & Eastside Dark   Dear Replicator,      I'm fairly new to the homebrew scene.  What really got me excited about homebrew was my desire to create a clone of my favorite all time beer, Hennepin from Ommegang Brewery out of Cooperstown, NY.  It's a Saison style farmhouse Belgian ale which is truly magnificent (at least to me).  I am hoping you can help guide me in my quest.  Many thanks. Cheers , Douglas Stetson   Lowell, Ohio     Douglas ,             What a unique beer!   I can understand why you love this beer.   Brewery Ommegan was opened in 1997 by Don Feinberg and Wendy Littlefield, with the assistance of the makers of Duvel and Scaldis.   Thus a Belgian Brewery in New York!!             I spoke wit