Replicator October 2003- Export Ale

October 2003 Export Ale   Dear Replicator:        I have just finished a six-pack of "Export Ale", brewed by the Shipyard Brewing Company, in Portland, Maine.  This is the best micro brewed beer that I have tried in a long time.  I really liked the balance of its great, malty taste & hoppiness.  I have been homebrewing for 3 years now and just made the switch to all-grain brewing.  I would love an all-grain clone recipe for this ale.  Could you assist with getting a recipe and could you also tell me what beer style this is?   Thank you!!                    Ray Metz, Southgate , Kentucky       Ray, How long did it take you to finish that six-pack?   With a beer this good, it probably lasted one session!   No wonder you want to make your own.   Export