1 Lb Willamette Hop Pellets Alpha Acid 4 to 6% AAU


Willamette Hops


Willamette hops (pronounced wil-AM-it) where first developed around 1976 as a hybrid of the UK Fuggle hop in Oregon and continues to be very widely-grown hop in the US.
Characteristics are much like the Fuggle variety, having vegetal, woody, or earthy aroma.
Willamette is typically used as an armoa addition (4. to 6% AAU) near the end of the boil.


Typical Use : Aroma

Alpha Acid : 4 to 6% AAU

Origination : USA

Characteristics : Vegetal, Woody, Earthy

Styles : US Pale Ale, Brown Ale, UK style Ales

Similar Hops : Fuggle, Tettnang, Goldings