2023 Winexpert Limited Edition Wine Kits

Winexpert Limited Edition Wine kits are again available via pre-order, with the deadline for ordering November 9th.

The Limited Edition series of wine kits are easy to make, yield approximately 30 bottles of wine, and are often ready to drink in under a year for the red wines, and under 6 months for the white wines.   If you have never made a wine kit, its time to give it a try!

The program works like this:  Winexpert releases 1 of these wine kits to stores from December to April.  You need to Pre-Order the wine kits you wish to make with us by Thursday, November 9th.  When the wine kits arrive here at the store, we put your name on your wine kits, and give you a call notifying you it is available for you to come pick up.  You do not pay for the wine kit until the day you pick it up.