Wine Making Equipment Kit, Glass Fermenters (for Wine Ingredient Kits)

This kit includes:
complete instructions
1- 6 Gallon plastic Carboy
1-12 Gallon plastic primary fermenter with lid
1-Cylinder Airlock
1- bored and solid bung
1-Fermtech Auto-Siphon
1-shut off clamp and four feet of siphon hose
1-Hydrometer (to measure sugar content)
1-Fermometer (temperature strip)
1-small PBW cleaner
1-Fermtech bottle filler
1-Fermtech Wine Thief (for removing samples of wine)
1-Plastic corker 30 Corks Potassium Bisulfite (for sanitizing corks)
This kit is ideal for winemakers using the Spagnols & Winexpert grape juice wine Kits.   Each wine kit makes 6 gallons of wine, (except Icewine and Ports)  which is 30 standard size wine bottles.