Too Easy Hard Seltzer


Too Easy Hard Seltzer

makes 5 gallons

Fermentables & Yeast:
3.0 lbs Dextrose (Corn Sugar)
1 pkg. Mangrove Jack Seltzer Yeast & Nutrient

4 oz. Brewers Best Natural Flavoring

Step by Step:
     In a sanitized fermenter combine 5.25 gallons of water (approx. 68-77°F) and dextrose, mising thoroughly. Pitch the yeast and nutrient packet.

     After 7-10 days check the specific gravity of your seltzer. When final gravity is reached add falvoring(s) to taste and bottle or keg as desired.

OG: 1.024
FG: 0.999
ABV: 3.2%
IBU: 0
SRM: 1