1 Oz German Northern Brewer Hop Pellets Alpha Acid 6 to 10% AAU


Northern Brewer Hop Pellets


Northern Brewer hops are a dual-purpose variety reminiscent of Hallertau but with a bit higher AAU. Northern Brewer can be described as Woody, Piney, Earthy, Minty, and somewhat Rustic ... which is not to say coarse or undefined necessarily. Northern Brewer is the signature hop in Anchor Steam and typifies the California Common not-quite-ale/not-quite-lager style.

There are both U.S. and German varieties available.


Typical Use : Bittering/Aroma

Alpha Acid : 6 to 10% AAU

Origination : Germany

Characteristics : Woody, Earthy, Piney, Rustic

Styles : California Common

Similar Hops : Chinook or Nugget