Double T Bar Draft Tower - 8 Tap - KOMOS


Stainless steel Double T Bar draft tower for 8 faucets. Perfect for upgrading an existing KOMOS Double-Wide Kegerator with two individual towers or designing your own home bar or kegerator.

Mounting hardware, tower collars and gaskets included. The tower does not include faucets, shanks, tap handles, or draft tubing.

To assemble the tower, remove the dust caps on either side and remove the foam insulation. Start with the inner most shank hole on either side and work your way outward. We recommend installing each shank and attaching the draft tubing before moving on to the next shank hole. The top section of the tower is 5" in diameter, so most people should be able to reach inside to install the shanks by hand or with the help of a draft wrench. When all the shanks have been mounted, reinsert the foam insulation. The tower may come with more insulation than needed and may need to be cut thinner before reinserting.


Tower Dimensions: 29.5" L x 5" D x 16" H. The centers of the columns are approximately 16" apart.