Elements Earth Tea Blend


THAT FALL FEELING: Earth, the fall element, inspires vitality, grounding, and balance. A cool breeze arises, the leaves change color, a deep connection with the earth is re-established, and a warm fuzzy feeling is inevitable.

DEEP ROOTED BALANCE: Earth Tea blend was specially formulated to support both the bacteria & yeast population in your kombucha culture as the cooler temperatures arrive.

GROUNDING BLEND: From the beautiful, blooming hibiscus, to the transformative and noble pu-erh, this tea blend aims to embody the ever-grounding tenacity of life's cycles. A touch of clove, cinnamon, and chamomile bring warmth and provide that fall feeling.

MAKES 12 GALLONS OR 70 CUPS OF TEA: One bag gets you through the fall season of kombucha brewing, or 70 cups of grounding goodness.