3 Gallon Plastic Carboy


These are not your normal water bottles! These carboys are hydrophobic, which means they repel water, and make for easy cleaning. Care of these plastic carboys is different than glass carboys, you cannot clean them with a brush, instead you fill them with warm water and one of our percarbonate type cleaners, PWB, Straight A or One Step. Then let them soak off the organic material that has accumulated on the inside.


Time is your friend, and allowing them to soak for an hour or even overnight for really dirty carboys will do the trick. Then rinse with warm water and sanitize the carboy. To use less cleaner, fill the carboys with just a gallon or 2 of cleaner and water, then put a solid bung in the top and turn the carboy upside down to get the cleaner on the dirty part of the top and neck. Just be sure not to let the carboy collapse on itself as your cleaner cools.  Do not use with water hotter than 130 degrees.