Super Jet Wine Filter Rental (3 Days) *Filter pads not included


Call for availability!

Good for filtering 5 to 50 gallons of wine.   Filter pads sold separately.   It is best to rack your wine off your sediment before filtering.

We recommend the #2 (fine)pads for most wines.   The amount of wine a set of pads will filter depends on how clear your wine is when you begin filtering.   Wine that has been racked and is slightly hazy will filter easily. 

If your wine is cloudy the pads will clog quickly and require you to change pads.  With cloudy wines we recommend that you filter first with the course #1 pads, then filter a second time with the #2 fine pads.   #3 sterile pads should only be used to polish already clear white wine.

Rentals must be picked up in the store.   No shipping is charged.