The Genesis Fermenter!


The Genesis Fermenter!

This fermenter is different than all other fermenters! It has a 5.9" wide mouth which makes it easy to get your arm in to clean it, or add ingredients in the fermenter, a smooth interior for easy cleaning and sanitizing and an optional sanitary inner liner which is great for those beers with brett when you don't want any cross contamination of yeast strains from your fermenter.

The Genesis has sturdy handles that are great for moving this fermenter, and 6.5 gallon capacity, which is great for handling foaming during fermentation. There are gallon and liter markings on the side of the Genesis, convenient when you want to know how much volume you have.

When using with the Genesis Fermenter Inner Liner, the double layer offers additional protection against bacteria exposure, while at the same time allowing for little to no needed clean up. In addition, as the Inner Liner arrives sanitary, your prep work is drastically cut down.

In the box you get:
(1) Genesis Fermenter
(1) Genesis Fermenter Lid
(1) Genesis Fermenter Lid Gasket
(2) Genesis Fermenter Inner Liner
(1) Rubber Stopper, with Airlock Hole, #7
(1) S-Shape Airlock

With these items, paired with the built in handles, you'll be ready for just about any fermentation project straight out of the box.