2023 Clark County Fair Beer & Wine Exhibition Information

2023 Clark County Fair Beer and Wine Exhibition 

This year Bader Beer and Wine Supply is again the drop off point for entries in the Clark County Fair Open Class Exhibition.

We will accept entries from Wednesday July 5th to Sunday, July 30th, 2023 at Bader Beer & Wine Supply. There is no entry fee for this exhibition.   ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED OR RETURNED AT THE CLARK COUNTY EVENT CENTER AT THE FAIRGROUNDS!  After judging all entries will be on display at the fairgrounds exhibition hall during the Clark County Fair.

After the fair,  Pick up your bottles, ribbons and score sheets from Tuesday, August 15, to Sunday, September 3rd, at Bader Beer & Wine Supply.   After September 3rd we will recycle all bottles not picked up.  We will have your judging sheets and ribbons available at Bader Beer & Wine Supply until October 1st.

711 Grand Blvd, Vancouver, (360) 750-1551

Click here for the Open Class entry form.  Please fill out in duplicate!  We have the bottle tags at Bader Beer & Wine Supply.

Home Made Beer - Division 568

1. Limit one bottle per style of beer.

2. Bottle should be plain brown with no label, with plain bottle cap, if possible.
3. Beer styles determined by the BJCP 2021 Revision of the 2015 Guidlines.  See their web site at http://www.bjcp.org/stylecenter.PHP for beer classifications (they now have a great mobile app named "BJCP 2015") or ask
the staff at Bader Beer and Wine Supply, or Andrew Reudink, (360) 750-1551.
4. Beer style to be chosen by brewer for entry form should be one of the BJCP 2021 styles, which the judges then use to determine criterion to judge your beer by.
5. Limit of six entries per household, each entry must be a different beer.
Bader Beer & Wine Supply will donate three $25 gift certificates for the three highest scoring beers.

Home Made Wine - Division 539

Wine will be judged individually on their own merit. Bottle label and overall appearance of bottle is not judged. All wine entries must be clearly labeled.
The following information is required:
1. Type of wine (Blackberry, Apricot, Concord, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc.).
2. Year wine was made.
3. Dry, off-dry, sweet or dessert wine.
Judges will use this information as a guideline to determine what standards to judge the wine by.
All entries will be opened and sampled. Remaining wine will be disposed. (We suggest entering a small bottle (375 ML) because of this.)
Only one bottle per entry, properly labeled.
Maximum of six entries per household, each entry must be a different wine.
Bader Beer & Wine Supply will donate three (3) $25 gift certificates to the three highest scoring wines.



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