Formulating a Clone Recipe

As homebrewers, we are always looking for new recipes.   As a homebrew shop owner, my staff and I get many requests each week for recipes of local Portland/Seattle area beers that are common, and people love.  So over the last 18 years, we have written many recipes for customers to replicate their favorite local beer.  

High Gravity Brewing

We all love high alcohol beers (well, most of us anyway). Imperial IPA’s, Barleywine, Belgian Dubbels, Winter seasonals, etc. But how do you properly make these beers? High gravity brewing, or the making of high alcohol beer, requires a bit more care than regular strength beer. Many homebrewers want to make these beers, but do not understand the extra care required to successfully make these beers. This article will address the major points to be aware of in high gravity brewing, so you can be more successful with your high gravity beers.