River City Cream Ale - All-Grain


River City Cream Ale - All-Grain

makes 5 gallons
Malts & Extracts:

1.00 lbs. Flaked Maize
8 lbs. 2-row Pale Malt
0.25 lbs. Crystal 40L Malt

0.75 oz. Willamette hops (boil 60 min)
0.50 oz. Hallertau hops (boil 20 min)
1 Tablet Carrageenan (Kick, Whirlfloc, or 1 tsp Irish Moss)
0.50 oz. Hallertau hops (boil 5 min)

Imperial A07 Flagship Yeast, Dry Yeast Alternative - LalBrew BRY-97 or Sfale US-05

Step by Step:
     Steep crushed malted grain at 148° for 45-60 minutes. Raise temperature of mash to 165°, (called mash-out temperature) then run off 7 gallons of wort to begin your 60 minute boil. When wort comes to a boil add 0.75 oz. Willamette hops, boil for 60 minutes. With 20 minutes remaining add 0.50 oz. Hallertau hops. With 15 minutes remaining add 1 Carrageenan Tablet. With 5 minutes remaining add 0.50 oz. Hallertau hops. Cool your wort, transfer to your fermenter, and pitch your yeast when the temperature of the beer is between 75° and 80°. Ferment until yeast has completed sugar conversion, then allow an additional 3 to 4 days for the diacetyl reduction, and you can bottle or keg your beer.

OG: 1.040
FG: 1.008
ABV: 4.0%
IBUs: 28
SRM: 4