Native Fermentations Series Recipes

From 2001 to 2005, I  wrote the "Replicator" recipe column for Brew Your Own (BYO) Magazine.   BYO readers would send me requests for a recipe to clone a commercial beer they loved in their part of the country.  There were not many local breweries at the time, so all of the Replicator recipes (which are on our web site, search for "replicator") were from all over the US.

We have launched a new version of the Replicator, called our "Native Fermentation Series", where the beer recipes will highlight beers from Vancouver, Southwest Washington, and beyond.  This list of beers that we will clone will be determined by you, our loyal customers, comprising the beers that you love to drink close to home.

If you have a local favorite beer not on this list, send us an email to with your requests!

Also for the first time, we will be publishing both a malt extract with grain recipe, AND an All-Grain version of the same recipe.  This is to acknowledge that there are far more All-Grain brewers than in years past.

Steve Bader, Store Manager, Bader Beer & Wine Supply