Citra IPA


Citra IPA

Makes 5 gallons

1/2 lb 2-row pale malt grain
1/2 lb 10L Munich malt grain
1/2 lb Carastan malt grain
1/4 lb Wheat Malt grain
6.6 lbs Unhopped Light Malt Syrup
1 lbs Light Dry Malt Powder (DME)
1 lb corn sugar
1 oz Citra hops (boil 60 min)
1/2 oz Citra hops (boil 30 min)
1/2 oz Citra hops (boil 10 min)
1 teaspoon Irish Moss (boil 60 min)
1 oz Citra hop (optional Dry Hop—day 4 primary fermenter)
¾ cup corn sugar for bottling
Safale US-05 ale yeast

Original gravity (OG) 1.067
Final gravity (FG) 1.014
Alcohol by volume(ABV) 6.75%
IBUs = 72

Steep crushed malted grains in 3 gallons of 150° water for 30 minutes. Remove the grains from water with a strainer or grain bag then heat water to a boil. As water heats, add 2 cups DME. When water boils, add 1 oz Citra hops, 1 tsp Irish Moss and boil for 60 minutes. Add 1/2 oz Citra hops at 30 & 10 minutes left in the boil. Add remainder of DME & 1 lb. corn sugar for last 15 minutes of boil to dissolve. Turn off heat, add malt syrup, stir to mix, wait 10 minutes to sanitize. Fill your sanitized carboy with 2 gallons of cold water. Strain the hot wort into the carboy and top off to the 5.5 gallon mark. Add yeast when beer is less than 72°, and ferment and bottle as usual.
***Optional dry hopping for more hop aroma. Drop 1 oz. of Citra hop pellets into the fermenter on day 4 of fermentation. Rack to secondary approximately day 10 to 14. Bottle or keg as usual.