Fortside Brewing Company Kanaka Ale (Saison) - All-Grain


Kanaka Ale pours a light persimmon color with a bright white head.  This beer is highly aromatic with citrus notes billowing out of the glass.  Full of light malt flavor that is balanced by fruity and spicy esters and a slight rye kick that contributes a bit of complexity.

5 gallon All Grain recipe

7.50      lbs. Pilsner Malt
2.50    lbs. 2-Row Pale Malt
1.40     lbs. Crystal Malt 10 L
1.30     lbs. Wheat Malt
0.50    lbs. Rye Malt
0.50     oz. Cascade hops (boil 60 minutes)
0.50     oz. Tettnang hops (boil 60  minutes)
0.50     oz. Cascade hops (boil 15 minutes)
0.50 oz. Tettnang hops (boil 15 minutes)
0.50 oz. Tettnang hops (boil 5 minutes)
1 tsp Irish Moss (boil 15 min)
Imperial Napoleon Yeast, or Lallemand Belle Saison
¾ cup corn sugar for bottling
Original Gravity   1.055
Final Gravity      1.006
Alcohol By Volume   6.5%
IBU’s :  25
Extract Efficiency  65%

Mash this beer at 151° for 60 minutes.  Raise temperature of mash to 170°, (called mash-out temperature) then run off 7 gallons of wort to begin your 60 minute boil.  When wort comes to a boil add 0.50 oz. Cascade hops AND 0.50 Tettnang hops and boil for 60 minutes. With  15 minutes left in your boil, add 0.5 oz. Cascade hops and 0.50 oz.  Tettnang hops AND 1 tsp Irish Moss.  Add 0.50 oz. Tettnang hops for the last 5 minutes of the boil. Cool your beer, transfer to your fermenter, and pitch your yeast when the temperature of the beer is between 75° and 80°.

Ferment until yeast has completed sugar conversion, then allow an additional 3 to 4 days for the diacetyl reduction, and you can bottle or keg your beer. 

Fortside Brewing Company was founded on the ideal of strengthening craft beer culture in SW Washington (the "“Fort”-side of the mighty Columbia River). The "Fort" (Fort Vancouver) is a monumental landmark in the Pacific Northwest that persists as a strong, powerful and resilient symbol of this areas heritage. Fortside Brewing Company is all about brewing beer worth being passionate about. Fortside produces beers people enjoy tasting, smelling and experiencing. Beers made with local ingredients that express a local style. Now filling kegs, growlers and glasses in Vancouver Washington.