Heathen Brewing Company Transcend IPA - All-Grain Version

This light bodied IPA has a simple grain bill of NW Pale, Crystal and Caramel malt that brings a smooth silky texture.
The infamous Simcoe, Citra bring a huge aroma and light citrus flavor, while the Warrior brings just enough back bitter to make an IPA. This IPA may very well "Transcend" IPA's as we know it to a new level.
5 Gallon All-Grain Recipe
12.25 lbs. Pale 2-row Malt
0.75 lbs. Munich Malt
0.50 lbs. Vienna Malt           
0.25 lbs. Dextrin Malt
0.13lbs. Caramel 60L
0.35 oz. Warrior Hops (First Wort hop* see below)        
0.25 oz. Simcoe hops (boil 45 minutes)
0.5 oz. Simcoe hops (boil 20 minutes)
0.5 oz. Citra hops (boil 20 minutes)
0.5 oz. Simcoe hops (boil 5 minutes)
0.5 oz. Citra hops (boil 5 minutes)
1.50 oz. Simcoe (dry hopping)
1.00 oz. Citra hops (dry hopping)
1 tsp Irish Moss (boil 45 min)  
¾ cup corn sugar for bottling
Original Gravity   1.064
Final Gravity      1.014
Alcohol By Volume  6.7%   
IBU’s :  55
Extract Efficiency: 65%

*First Wort Hoppings are hops added to the mash runoff prior to the wort coming up to a boil. These hops are first added to the wort when the temperature is about 170°-180°, and stay in the wort till the very end of the boil. Hop bitterness tends to be softer and more rounded (less harshness) with this method, due to the time in the wort prior to the boil.  It also increases the perceived aroma of the hops in a beer using this method.

Mash this beer at 154°-156° for 60 minutes.  Raise temperature of mash to 165°, (called mash-out temperature) then run off 7 gallons of wort to begin your 90 minute boil.  Add your First Wort hops of 0.35 oz. Warrior into the wort you are collecting from your mash.   Boil for 45 minutes,  then add 0.25 oz. of Simcoe hops and Irish Moss and boil for an additional 45 minutes.    With  20 minutes left in your boil, add the 0.5 oz. Simcoe and Citra hops.  Add 0.5 oz. Simcoe and 0.5 oz. Citra hops for the last 5 minutes of the boil.  Cool your beer, transfer to your fermenter, and pitch your yeast when the temperature of the beer is between 75° and 80°.
Ferment for about 4 days, then “dry hop” by adding 1.5 oz. Simcoe and 1.25 oz. of Citra hops to your beer (pellets are a little easier to use in narrow neck fermenters).   Ferment until yeast has completed sugar conversion, then allow an additional 3 to 4 days for the diacetyl reduction, and you can bottle or keg your beer.  
Sunny Parsons and Rodney Stryker opened Heathen Brewing in 2012, Debuting at the Vancouver Brewfest.  At Heathen Brewing we make small batches of "Progressive Ales for the Promiscuous Palate". It all begins with fresh, high quality ingredients and that means sourcing those ingredients from those in our community. The freedom to create seasonal and experimental beer will allow Heathen Brewing to truly test the palate of our community.
The Heathen way will move quickly towards the new hops and malts that are being introduced as science, technology and the American spirit create new versions of classic recipes. This forward thinking will create new and unique recipes that will tantalize the tongues of the Heathen Faithful. Through the love of travel and the appreciation of different cultures many beer recipes can now be formed or re-born 10 barrels at a time.