New England IPA - Extract with Grains version


New England IPA

Makes 5 gallons


1.0   lbs. Maris Otter Malt

1.0   lbs. Golden Naked Oats

0.25 lbs. Crystal 20L Malt

6.6   lbs. Maris Otter LME

1.0   lbs. Light DME

2.5 oz. EL Dorado Hop Pellets (steep/whirlpool 5 minutes)

2.5 oz. Galaxy Hop Pellets (steep/whirlpool 5 minutes)

1.0 oz. Sultana Hop Pellets (steep/whirlpool 5 minutes)

1.0 oz. Idaho #7 Hop Hash (steep/whirlpool 5 minutes)

3.5 oz. Galaxy Hop Pellets (dry hop at full krausen)

1.5 oz. El Dorado Hop Pellets (dry hop at full krausen)

Imperial A38 Juice Yeast


Original gravity (OG) 1.065
Final gravity (FG) 1.012
Alcohol by volume(ABV) 6.9%
IBUs = 30 ish

Steep crushed malted grains in 3-4 gallons of 150° water for 30 minutes. Strain out grain , then bring wort to a boil.  When boiling starts, remove pot from burner and slowly add 1 cup of the LME, stirring to dissolve.  Boil for 60 minutes. With 1 minute left in the boil add all the remaining LME and DME, stirring to dissolve.

At the end of the boil turn off the heat and add ALL the steep/whirlpool hops.  Begin cooling immediately and try to get wort temp under 140F as quickly as possible.

Strain the wort into a fermenter filled with 2 gallons of cold water and top off to the 5.5 gallon mark.  Add yeast when the temperature of your beer is less than 70F and begin fermenting.  Add dry hops 18-36 hours later once the beer reaches full krausen.

After 7 days check the secific gravity of your beer.  WHen final gravity is reached, keg or baottle your beer as desired.  NEIPA is best when it's FRESH!