English Porter - All Grain


A traditional Porter

8.5        lbs. Maris Otter Pale Malt 4L             
1.0 lbs. Crisp Dark Chocolate Malt 425L
0.5 lbs. Carastan Malt 35L
0.5 lbs. British Brown Malt 65L
1.5 oz. East Kent Golding Hops (boil 60 minutes)
1 tablet Whirlfloc   (boil 15 minutes)
0.5 oz. East Kent Golding Hops (boil 5 minutes) 
Imperial A09 Pub, Omega Yeast Labs OYL-016 British Ale VIII
¾ cup corn sugar for bottling


Mash at 155° for 45 minutes.  Batch sparge to collect 6.5 gallons. Bring to a boil, then add 1.5 oz East Kent Golding hops and boil for 60 minutes.   With 15 minutes remaining add 1 tablet Whirlfloc. With 5 minutes remaining add 0.5 oz. East Kent Golding hops.

At the end of the boil turn cool hot wort and add into a fermenter. Add yeast when the temperature of your beer is less than 80°, and begin fermenting.  After 5 days check the specific gravity of your beer.  When final gravity is reached (7-10 days) allow the beer to clear for 48 hours. Bottle or keg as desired.