Tangerine Wheat - Extract

6.6   lbs. Bavarian Wheat Liquid Malt Syrup (LME)
1.50 lbs. Flaked Wheat
0.75 lbs. Crystal 20 L Malt
1.0   oz. Cascade hops  (boil 60 minutes) 
0.50 oz. HBC 438 hops (boil 10 minutes)  
0.50 oz. Mandarina Bavaria hops    (boil 5 minutes)
1.0   oz. Tangerine Peel  (boil 5 minutes)
0.50 oz. Sabro hops   (boil 0 minutes)
0.50 oz. Mandarina Bavaria  (boil 0 minutes) 
Imperial A07 Fladship Yeast,  Lallemand Nottingham
¾ cup corn sugar for bottling


Original Gravity   1.052
Final Gravity      1.014
Alcohol By Volume   5.%
IBU’s :  20

Steep crushed malted grain in 3-4 gallons of 150° water for 30 minutes.  Strain out grain, then bring wort to a boil.  When boiling starts, remove pot from burner and slowly add 1 cup of the liquid malt extract, stirring to dissolve.   Return to a boil, then add 1.0 oz. of Cascade hops and boil for 60 minutes.   With 10 minutes remaining in the boil add 0.50 oz. HBC 438 hops.  With 5 minutes remaining add 0.5 oz. Mandarina Bavaria hops and 1.0 oz. Tangerine Peel. 

At the end of the boil turn off the heat, add 0.50 oz. HBC 438 hops, 0.50 oz. Mandarina Bavaria hops and the remainder of the liquid malt syrup.  Strain the hot wort into a fermenter filled with 2 gallons of cold water top off to the 5.5 gallon mark.  Add yeast when the temperature of your beer is less than 70°, and begin fermenting.  After 7 days check the specific gravity of your beer.  When final gravity is reached bottle or keg as desired.

All Grain Option:
Replace LME with 6.0 lbs.  White Wheat malt and 4.0 lbs. 2-row Pale malt.  Mash at 155° for 45 minutes. Batch sparge to collect 6.5 gallons.