Doomsday Brewing Redemption Red - All-Grain Version

5 gallon all-grain recipe
8.0 lbs. Pale 2-Row Malt
2.75 lbs. Crystal 40L Malt
1.25  lbs. Munich Malt
1.25  lbs. Rye Malt
0.5  lbs. Victory Malt
0.66  oz. Chinook hops (boil 60 minutes)
1.0 oz. Willamette hops (boil 5 minutes)
1.0 oz. Willamette hops (pellets work best) (Dry Hop)
1.0  teaspoon Irish Moss (boil 60 minutes)
¾ cup corn sugar for bottling
Imperial A07 Flagship
Original Gravity   1.062
Final Gravity      1.011
Alcohol By Volume   6.5%
IBU’s :  40
Extract Efficiency  65%
Mash this beer at 155° for 60 minutes.  Raise the temperature of the mash to 170°, (called mash-out temperature) then run off 7 gallons of wort to begin your 60 minute boil.  When wort comes to a boil add 0.66 oz. Chinook hops and Irish Moss.  With 5 minutes remaining in the boil, add 1 oz. of Willamette hops.  When 60 minute boil is complete, cool your beer, transfer to your fermenter, and pitch your yeast when the temperature of the beer is between 75° and 80°.
Ferment for about 4 days, then add the last 1 oz. of Willamette hops for dry hopping.  Allow the beer to finish fermenting, then allow an additional 3 to 4 days for the diacetyl reduction, and you can bottle or keg your beer.
Doomsday Brewing Company was founded in September 2012 by Erik Cloe and Jake Walton.  Through our admiration of the Pacific Northwest and our obsession with home brewing we have decided to bring our best selected craft brews to the masses, while they still exist.
At Doomsday Brewing, our passion is not just about creating great craft beer for customers, we want to change the perception of what beer is. Our goal is to show people what real beer tastes like. The craft beer community is growing rapidly, because people like you are learning not to settle for mediocre, mass produced beers that just don't do the job. We like to taste different characteristics and textures in multiple styles of brews. Like many brewers, we constantly produce new styles with local hops, malts, and yeast. We will never sacrifice quality for quantity. Try our beers. Try other local brewery's beers. Every palate is unique and there is something out there for you. We invite you to join us, try beers, ask questions, and help us grow the local beer community. Cheers to the little guys, the underdogs.
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