Mangrove Jack's M02 Cider Yeast


A high ester-producing cider strain imparting wonderful flavor depth, revealing the full fruit potential. Makes exceptionally crisp, favorsome and refreshing ciders.



Aroma Characteristics: This strain promotes fruity aromas through high ester production, especially at warmer temperatures.

Flavor/Mouth Feel Characteristics: Ciders fermented with this strain will finish dry and be relatively full-bodied with exceptional depth and full-flavored fruit character.

Higher Alcohol Beers: This strain has high alcohol tolerance up to >12% ABV.


Technical Characteristics

Strain Classification: Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Recommended Temperature Range: 54-82°F

Performance Characteristics: (5- high, 1- low)

Attenuation: 5

Flocculation Rate: 5

Compaction: 5

Viable Yeast Cells: >5 x 10CFU/gram

Dry Weight: 93-96%

Wild Yeast: <1 per 10cells

Total Bacteria:<1 per 10cells

GMO Status: GMO Free